Talia Agler Girls’ Shelter(TAGS)

Talia Agler Girls' Shelter (TAGS) was established in January, 2012 by the Centre for Domestic Training and Development (CDTD) with funding from the Global Fund for Children to Reach, Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate trafficked and abused girls. The purpose of TAGS is to complement a broader program of CDTD – Domestic Workers Transformation Program, which seeks to transform the lives of Domestic Workers in Kenya. Working through 4R's, TAGS engages with all partners intervening in girl child issues to identify and assist abused and trafficked girls aged 10-24 years drawn from Kenya and the neighbouring countries. Using a multi sectoral approach TAGS ensures that rescued girls access direct services appropriate for their recovery and social reintegration/family re-union where possible.TAGS has transformed the lives of more than 300 girls.

TAGS is named in honour of Talia Agler, a young American girl who dedicated her life to empowering and improving the lives of Girl Domestic Workers in Nairobi during her internship in 2006. You can read more about Talia through the following Links:



Talia Anglers Girls Shelter
Centre for Domestic Training and Development

Target Beneficiaries

Victims of:-

  • Forced Migration (Un Accompanied Minors)
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Human Trafficking
  • Child Labour
  • Sexual Abuse

Services Offered

  • Basic Needs (food, personal effects etc)
  • Security
  • Medical care
  • Legal aid (in partnership)
  • Psychosocial support
  • Basic education
  • Social reintegration

Our Commitment

To provide a safe and nurturing enviroment for rescued girls and women

To rehabilitate and empower trafficked and abused girls and women to attain their full potential

To build strategic patnerships in fighting against trafficking and abuse of girls and women